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That I would be good.

9 September 1989
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My name is Bert, but not really, but sort of really because its a big part of who I am, but sort of not really because my mother was kind enough not to put that name on my birth certificate. I enjoy rain and laughter and dancing around in my bikini even when its winter.

I do not enjoy day-old juice or homework.

I live in Canada, and so right now I am wearing socks. You always wear socks in Canada, unless it is summer or you are not Bert, in which case you do not wear socks.

I'm turning nineteen soon enough, but not too soon.

I like looking at numbers in house addresses/licence plates/phone numbers, etc and rearranging them/doing math to make interesting patterns. I also enjoy video games, anime and disney music. I particularily love role playing, and making characters miserable but happy in the end. It is because I am a hopeless romantic who does not enjoy day old juice.

I have one last thing to say, and this is my philosophy in life:

Of all the people I know, you are one of them.

(Unless I don't know you, in which case you are not.)